Penny Johnston


About The Maine Float-Rope Company

Maybe Her Blood Flows GREEN!

For Penny Johnston, putting together companies that are based on sound environmental qualities, preserving a sense of history, reclaiming valuable resources and recycling materials into innovative products is what she loves to do.

Before starting The Maine Float-Rope Company she was moved by the stately Maine barns that were falling down and sadly neglected. She decided to turn the classic time-weathered barn wood into traditional, elegant tables and that was the beginning of The Maine Barn Furniture Company.

Penny Johnston, owner of The Maine Float-Rope Company™, surrounds herself with her helpful products, Down East Doormats™.

Her work with native New England stone, which she has named Historic Hardscape™, is unique. Working with local Mainers, fieldstones from abandoned farmlands and tailings from defunct quarries found new life when she started The Maine Coast Stone Company four years ago.

Where others see problems, Penny sees opportunity — the real Green way — safeguarding the environment and helping others.

The Down East Doormats are a good example of how a simple mat made from float rope can help Northern Right Whales, Maine lobstermen and the environment.

As Penny likes to say, "Won't you join us in this worthy endeavor?" — make a statement — choose sound, intelligent, green-based products as part of your everyday life.