Entrance Mats, Rugs, and Runners Made from Reclaimed Lobster Trap Rope

From the coast of Maine to your door

Maine Float Rope Co. is the world's largest maker of mats, rugs, and runners from reclaimed lobster trap float rope.  We are famous for our beautiful entrance mats that are hand crafted on the coast of Maine. They come in dozens of bright and muted colors. You can pick one of one of our stanard designs or create your own using our custom mat builder. The possibities are endless. One is perfect for your door.

In addition to our classic Down East Doormats we now offer Down East Rugs and Down East Runners.

Our outdoor rugs are versatile. They are not limited to outdoor patio rugs. Think of them as indoor outdoor rugs.  They can find a place in any setting with any decor. Rug runners can be made to any size and length with the same amazing array of colors.

Lobster trap rope is vertually indestructible. It is made to withstand harsh Maine winters and the gruelling routine of hauling heavy traps from deep ocean waters. Your mat, rug or runner will last a lifetime.

Easy care is an important feature of all our products. Our doormts are great for trapping dirt and debris, yet they come clean in seconds with a garden hose and a shake or two. 


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